What is ONITT?

ONITT is a project management software solution that ensures a company is knowledgeable in all disciplines of a project throughout its full life cycle, from conception to production. Designed to keep your entire team informed, on track and compliant – mitigating risk while saving you time and money.

Reducing the regulatory burden, there are no other systems available with the full scope that ONITT software solution provides – from project autocomplete templates to on demand contact with a regulatory specialist.

ONITT is disrupting the project management industry with a solution for identified ‘gaps and overlaps’ within the industry. A user-friendly point and click regulatory compliant project management software. Eliminating redundant piecemeal projects as a one-point software solution increasing efficiency – with a regulatory compliant project management process, autocomplete templates and live chat with a regulatory specialist. 

Being a cloud-based solution software for the business keeps the entire organization up to date with current data, reporting, processes and regulations. It’s an off-the-shelf or customizable software enabling a company to be more effective and efficient.

The project management tracking enables every task to be identified and trackable for every specific functional group in completing the project. The reporting system provides the ability to review historical data so that you can identify whether the targets have been met, measuring delays, improvements and accomplishments – Allows all parties to be accountable to the schedule. Additionally, at the click of a button, the management team will be able to access up-to-date information - adding both tactical and strategic value to your business.

There are many experienced professionals; however, due to economy, activity, or capital, hiring a full-time employee may not be feasible. A subscription package to ONITT will guide your company to success by providing all necessary knowledge and tracking.

Let’s reduce the regulatory burden while moving your company closer to its set goals!



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  • Surface Land 101 is the complete package.  Fit for purpose, intuitive and designed to keep you compliant. If you aren’t using it, you’re missing out.

    – Michael Bolianatz, Founder and Principal, ComplyRight Ltd.

  • Surface Land 101 is the best surface land organizational tool on the market to ensure all projects are staying on track. It provides detail that no other project tracking tool can provide. Any questions that arise, Randene delivers concise advice in a timely manner.

    – Celestine Karst, Surface Land Supervisor

  • A well thought out and organized approach to assuring that the statutory flow of surface land processes are complied with, completed and followed. Very much like a pilots checklist for the safe operation of an aircraft. Absolutely relieves the pressure of wondering if you’ve covered all the managerial bases as well as confirming that you have captured, recorded and documented the paper needed in the event of a regulatory audit. Everything is available with a quick click!

    – Alex Orr, Senior Surface Land Agent – Retired, Shell Canada Ltd.

  • SL101 is an easy to use tool that provides time and cost savings for the oil and gas industry. The step by step process ensures regulatory compliant process with certainty nothing is missed.

    – Charmaine Grills, Surface Land Reclamation Coordinator, Repsol

  • Surface Land acquisition and maintenance is always a challenge. The SL101 software is perfect for companies of all sizes be it a smaller, less active company that needs surface support, or a larger, more active company, that requires the perfect process and training tool. I’m very impressed with this product.

    – Randy Berg, VP Land Consultant, Chronos Resources Ltd.

  • …I have found the site incredibly simple to navigate and work through…

    – Michael Mee, Drilling and Completions Manager, Torxen Oil & Gas Ltd.